Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

22nd February 1725 - 19th January 1734

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Image 12 of 69623rd February 1725

P adjorn Martis 23o. die Feb: 1724

Order desiring Tho
Abney Esqr . Chairman
of the Court to attend
the Rt. honble. the Lords
Comrs. for custody of ye.
Great Seal of Great
Britain with< no role >
agt. Saml. Newton< no role > Esqr .

Upon reading the Draught of a Representation of
his Majestys Justices of the Peace of this County
Assembled at this present Sessions against Samuell
Newton Esquire one of the Justices of the Peace of the
said County touching the misdemeanours therein
Specifyed, It is Ordered by this Court that the said
Representation be Ingrossed, And that Thomas
Abney Esquire Chairman of this Court be and he
is hereby desired in the Name and on the behalfe of
his Majestyes Justices of the Peace of this County to
attend and lay before the Right Honourable the
Lords Commissioners for the Custody of the Great
Seale of Great Britain the aforesaid Representation
to the intent that such Redress may be had as to
their Lordships wisdome shall seem meet,

P adjorn Mercurij vicesimo quarts die Febr 1724.

Order for confirming
the Report between Mrs.
Seymour & Mrs. Geary}

Tho: Abney< no role > Aro
Tho: Gery< no role > Mil
Reginaldo Marriott< no role >
Witto Wickham< no role >
Carolo Floyer< no role > }

Whereas by Order made at the last Generall Quarter Sessions of
the peace holden for this County by adjornment on Saturday
the sixteenth day of January last all differences then
depending between Frances Seymour< no role > Wife of Christopher
Seymour Gent
< no role > Housekeeper of Hicks hall and Cryer
of the Court and Judith Geary< no role > Wife of Francis Geary< no role >
Aris were referred to the consideration of Sr. Daniel Dolius< no role >
Knt . William Dolesworth< no role > and John Ellis< no role > Esqrs . three
of his Maties Justices of the peace for this County as
a Committee who were thereby desired to examine
into the same, and to report their Opinions touching
the premisses unto the Court of this present General
sessions of the peace holden for this County by
adjournment on this present Wednesday the twenty
fourth day of February instant, And the parties
concerned were thereby required in the mean

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