Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

22nd February 1725 - 19th January 1734

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January Sessions

To his Maties Justices of the peace for the County of
Middlesex in their General Quarter Sessions Assembled.

The Report concerning
the Geneva Houses}

In pursuance of an Order made in the last Quarter Sessions held
for this County, whereby it was referred to us, among others,
to inquire into the number of houses and places, within such
parts of this Town and County as are therein mentioned,
where Geneva and other Strong Waters are sold by retail, and
the mischeifs occasioned thereby. Wee whose names are
Subscribed, do hereby certify, That by the returns of the High
and petty Constables , made upon their Oath, It appears,
there are within the weekly Bills of Mortality, and such
other parts of this County, as are now by the Contiguity of
Buildings become part of this Town, (exclusive of London
and Southwark ) Six Thousand one Hundred and Eighty
Seaven Houses and Shopps, wherein Geneva or other strong
Waters are publickly sold by retail. And altho this Numbers
is exceeding great, and farr beyond all proportion to the
reall wants of the Inhabitants, (being in some parishes
every Tenth House, in others every seventh, and in one of
the largest every Fifth house) Wee have great reason to
beleive, It is very short of the True number, there being
none returned, but such who sell publickly in Shopps of
Houses, tho'' tis known, there are many others, who sell by
retail, even in the Streets and Highways some on Bulks
and Stalls setup for that purpose, and others in
Wheelbarrows, who are not returned, and many more who
sell privately in Garretts Sellars Backrooms and other places,
not publickly exposed to view, and which thereby escaped
the notice of our Officers. And yet there have been a
Considerable number lately suppress'd or obliged to leave off.
by the Justices within their parishes, tho' this has prov'd of
no effect, having only served to drive those, who before were
used to these Liquors, into greater Shops, which are now to
be seen full of poor people from morning to night But in
this number of Six Thousand one hundred and eighty seven,
are included such Victuallers, who sell Geneva or other

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