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9th September 1777 - 27th May 1779

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Ursula Owen< no role > This name instance is in set 2307. a Singlewoman was hired by the Year to Mr. Lewis Diedrick Heshnyson< no role >
in the Parish of Saint Bartholomew by the Exchange London on the 11th June 1771

That in the Month of April following Mr. Heshnyson went to
Manchester and Purchased manufacture there, and upon his whom in the
same month he told all his Servants that he was going to reside at Manchester
but id not mention any time and that they might look out for other services
if they choose they might stay with him till he went to Manchester

Pat. the Pauper Ursula Owen< no role > did not look out for any other service but contained with
her Master. till the 4th day of June following in the Evening of which day her mastr.
paid her the whole Years wages and gave her half Guinea over and the same Evening
left London and went for Manchester .

That Mr. Heshmpen did not now on the morning of the 4th of June that he should
peace London in the Evening on over before the expiration of the Years service. But
that his going was quite a casual matter and depended upon circumstances which
he could not at that time foresee. That if he had remained in London he should
have continued the Pauper in his Service as she was a good Servant

Ct. at the Pauper went into a new service two days after her master left London

Hen:Howorth< no role >

John Silvester< no role >

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