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29th September 1728 - 20th May 1729

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Articles of Grievances Laid to the Charge of the Keeper of Newgate
by the Debtor Prisonrs: of the Comon side as can be made Good on Tuesday
next in Case the Court will enter into ill, to hear the same Humbly
offered to the Consideration of the Rt. Honoble the Lord Mayor the
Honoble Mr. Baron Thompson< no role > Recorder and to the Rest of the
Honoble Court of Alderman


That for 3 Lords days last past, And for many years before the Prisonrs. for Debt
their wives and friends have been Hindred from Divine Service the Chappel
being on these dayes filled with Strangers to Shew the Convicts and Malefactrs.
(under sentence of Death of whom the Keeper and Turnkeys take ten or twenty
pounds a day (More or Less)

2 Item

For 6 Months past an Iron Barr by Keepers Order Nailed a Cross the Grate to Prsent
the Prisonrs. having liquors & other Necessaries brought into the Jayl [..] not taken
off the Complained of to the Keeper

3 Item

Prisoners wives and friends complaine to the Keeper that they cannot get in or
out for 4 hours together and no Redress as can be proved by all the Prisoners Etc

4 Item

Debtors wives and Friends often robbed by the Felons being mixed together and
often beat and abused by Theives with Bulls Peezles and if any Resistance is
made they are Ironed put down in the Bilbees Dungeon or Condemned Hole by
Keepers Order Witness Mr: King Half night and Mack millan late Served soe

5 Item

That as soon as any Debtor comes in 3 Felons who are called the Keepers Partners
hurry him into a Little Room and Stripp him unless he pays 3s.6d by the Keepers
Order and their bedds taken away from em unless she pay Sr. for comeing in and going
out and if any Debtor dyes His bedd and Covering taken away with his wareing
apparrell Claimed as a perquist to the Keeper which their friends Could not
get againe the Complained of to the Keeper who detaines the dead untill his
friends pay all Fees altho' ready to breed a plagne

6 Item

That 40 a year given to the releife and Support of the poor Confined Debtors for
Water Gruel not any of Late have been distributed but the Keeper receives the mony
under that pretence of takeing Care of Delivering of itt, Altho many have dyed for
meere want Etc

7 Item

That he Sd Keeper Detaines from the Prisonrs. the Prison Seal for merly Kept
by 4 of the Prisonrs. with 4 different keys in a box for that purpose by which seal
he may give receipts for much more quarterly mony than has been distributed
amonge 'em that by Compareing of such receipts and how the mony has been
disposed of it will appear that he has Several Sumes of mony in his Hands
undisposed off for which they pray an Inspection and Account as also to have an
acct. of the mony Bread Beer and Coals with other Public and private Charities
that was formerly given but of late Sunk and last to the mount of 300 Pot [..]
or thereabouts.

8 Item

That the Keeper for Sumes of mony have privately lodged Felons
amonge the Debtors removed from the place called the Mar Felon Side Contrary
to the Statute Etc

9 Item

That many Prisonrs. have been detained upon their Writts of Hab: Corpus
and have Stood two or 3 Summones before the Keeper would lett 'em goe
under Pretence of Fees and Lodging and refusing to shew 'em a Table of Fees
that should be hung up in a publick place to see they are not Imposed upon
which is not done According to Law Etc


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