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13th December 1715 - 10th October 1716

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Image 7 of 12220th January 1716

The Examination of Constant Dunn< no role >
of the Parish of St. Martin in the
Feilds in the County of Middx taken
before me this 20th. Day of January
1715 .

This Examinant Saith That on Tuesday last She this
Examinant was at the Awase of John London< no role > by
Town hill with whose Wife she is acquainted, and
while she was gone up Staires and [..] this Exaiant
left alone in ye. Room [..] before She looke the
Opportunity to steale from thence Two peices of
Stuff which (she beleives) might contain about
five and Twenty yards, and pawned the Same
at the Three Bowles in aldersgate Street at Mr.
Walker a Pawn Broker for fifteen Shillings.

Jurat 20. die Januar Anno
Dm 1715 . Corm me.
Charles Peer< no role > Mayor

The Mark of
Constant [mark] Dunn< no role >

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