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10th August 1705 - 20th November 1706

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The Presentment of the Grand Jury for the City of London the
5th. of May 1706 at Justis Hall in the Old Bailey in the fifth Year
of our Soveraign Lady Anne Queen of England, Scotland
France and Ireland.

Wee the Grand Jury for the City of London take leave to Represent to this Honble. Court. that in attend-
ding the Busyness of this Sessions, Wee do find to our Great Satisfaction, none of those Young
Criminals which were formerly used to be brought before Us. and that our Attendance here hath been
so very Short.

Wee are very Sensible, that this is in a great Measure, if not intirely Owing to the Workhouse
Erected in this City. which hath received therein, All those poor, and Vagrant Children, which lay up
and down is the Streets of this City (Commonly called by the Name of the Black Guard) and
there hath Educated Imployed, and fitted [..] for Trades and other Imployment, As Then being
formerly traind up to Wickedness and Vice, and after haveing been frequently before this Court, and often
pardoned upon Account of their Tender Years, have at Last (takeing no Warning) made their Exit
at the Gallows

Wee do therefore return Our Hearty Thanks to this Honble. Court, and the Rest of ye Governours of
that House, for their Great Pains herein, and also for their Indeavours to clear the Streets of Beggars
and other Idle and Disorderly persons, and for as much as Wee are very Sensible that this Matter
cannot be thoroughly Effected, within the Libertys of the City of London , without the Joint Concurrence of the
Several Parishes within the Weekly Bills of Mortality adjoyning thereto:

Wee desire this Honble. Court that They would please earnestly to Recommend and to Engage the
Justices of the Peace for the County of Middlesex to Joyn with the Governours for the poor of London
in this Honble. Undertakeing. They the said Justices haveing all the Same powers and Authority unto them
Granted, as the Present Corporation for the Poor of the City of London now have, in and by One Act of
Parliament made Annis 14. Carole [..] 2di. Regis Intituled an Act for the better Releif of the
Poor of this Kingdom.

Thus Beggary and vice will decay, and Industry and Virtue Florish, That Great Scandal and
Dishonour to this City and Nation will be removed, And All the useless and Idle hands being wholy Imployed,
Honest Man may sit down Safe and Contented with the Happy Injoyment of what They possess without
any fear of Rapin, and Theft, or other Molestation. And this Good Work being once happyly
begun and finished in this City, Wee Cannot doubt, but the Whole Nation will Soon follow
Your Glorious Example.

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