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14th December 1694 - 14th January 1696

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Image 47 of 1569th May 1695

9th May

Dunn Regem Quer
Inter Et
Edrum Rogers< no role > Defend

Edward Rogers< no role > the Defendt. in this Cause maketh Oath
that he is a Stapler & lives at Oundle in the County of our
Northampton about sixty miles from London And that
John Fox< no role > of Fotheringhay in the said County of Northton
& John Fowler< no role > John Carter< no role > of the same place &Rice
of Woman dunn [..] in the County of Leicester Grasiers & severall
others who are very materiall witnesses for this Defendt.
are now out of town at the respective places of their
abode or about the Country on their lawfull occasions
as this Depont. doth beleive And this Depont further
saith that he received advice by a letter by the post
at Oundle aforesaid on Sunday last at night that an
Act of Grace & free & generall pardon had passed in
Parliament And this Depont. was [..] informed &
did beleive that thereby all Crimes Offences &
Misdeameanours for which this Depont. was indicted
was pardoned And therefore this Depont. did not put
himself to the trouble & charge to bring any Witnesses
to town for his defence at his tryall Nor is he prepared
to try the same Nor can he safely proceed to tryall
in this matter without the Testimony of his said
Witnesses as he is advised & verily beleives

Jur in Cur 9o. May 1695

Edward Rogers< no role >

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