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8th December 1692 - 28th November 1693

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Image 190 of 2326th November 1693

6 Nov

The Informacon of Mary ye Rich of Henry Hutton< no role >
decd. Sworne & exaied ye 6th. Novembr. 1693 touching the
Death of ye sd Henry Hutton< no role >

Saith that this Informt. on Saturday Night betweene the
homes of Eleaven & Twelve of ye Clocke Sitting by ye Five wth ye.
decd. in them house & hearing some Psons breaking ye windowes
ye. decd. imediately went out to see what was ye matter & this Informt
went wth him & this Informt. asked one of them (whose name the
since heare [..] is Arnold Breame< no role > ) ye reason of ye breaking ye windowes
he Swore drowne him hee would have satisfaccon hee would bee
revenged [..] & this Informt & ye decd goeing to take hold of him he he againe Thanks both her
& ye decd. wth a Came on Sword in a stabbard & sword [..] hee More (whose names
this Informt. undrstands are John Breames< no role > & Richd Kinsey< no role > nunc in
wth them swords drawne & gave ye. decd. & this Informt. Severall
blowes whereupon this Informt. cryed out Murther Sevll times scou [..]
out to ye Watch to helpe & Senll. of ye Neighbours comeing in they
run away & afterwds. were all three apprehended & ye Sword
that is Serwent. bent was brought by ye. decd. to his house

Jur Sexto die Novembr 1693
coram me
Jno. Brome< no role > Coron

Mary Hutton< no role >

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