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8th December 1692 - 28th November 1693

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Image 97 of 23218th April 1693

of all the rest of the Lace, except the piece pawn'd by Mrs.
Relfe which she beleives was worth 3.10s. (But where she
pawn'd it, she did not say) & except what is now found
about the said Margaret Palmer< no role > .

And this Exaiant further saith, That she has not had
any money, or any parte of the Lace, or anything else
save only Meat Drink & Lodging & two pairs of shooes.
A pair of Stockins & A pair of Cloggs; And beleives the
Lace was sold or pawn'd & about Bloomsbury , And
more saith not

Capt coram me die et
anno infrascript:
John Fleet< no role > Mayor

Wm Catchar< no role >

The Examinacon of Margarett Palmer< no role >
widdow , taken this Xiijth. day of Aprill

Who being Exaied touching A Robbery comted on Satorday
night the first instant in the house of Wm. Jolly< no role > before
named she confesseth that she & the sd. Grace Dempsey< no role >
were sett in att the Collar door according to Agreemt. by
the sd. Jane Croucher< no role > & that the sd. Dempsey broke open
the door of the Clossett, & took out the said Pcell of Lace
And further saith that the said Grace has sold all ye.
said Lace (as she has told her) for thirty pounds except
what was pawn'd by Mr. Relfe, & A small Pte that ye.
said Jane Croucher< no role > delivered to this Exaiant Butt
to whom, she did not tell her And further saith not

Capt cora me die et
Anno infra script
John Fleet< no role > Major

the mke of
the [mark] Exaiant

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