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13th March 1691 - 14th December 1692

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Image 73 of 18523rd June 1692

June 29 .

The Informacon of Joseph Dudley< no role > of Jerman Streete next
dore to the signe of ye Last, taken upon oath the
29th day of June 1692.

This Informant deposeth, That when Francis Milward< no role > came out of the
Country (wch as nere as this Informant can remember was about the
latter end of February or begining of March last) he the said Francis
told this Informant that the reason of his goeing into ye Country was
to avoyd being taken upp for the Murder of Dr Clinch, he being informerd
there was a warrt: out agt: him.

This Examint: further deposeth That [..] that about three weekes after
Mr Harrison was Executed for ye Murder of Dr Clinch, Mr Milward
sent for this Informt: to Mr Coles house nere the Parke in Southwarke
where he then Lodged, and then this Informt: and the said Cole and
one Harper went together to the 2 black posts in the Mint, and there
the said Milward, Cole and Harper discoursed of theire goeing to Dr
Clinches house that night he was Murdered, and laughed to thinke
how Milward beate the Coackman that carryed them to the Blew
Bores head, and that there was a Granadier and his wife in theire
Companie, at the Boores head, and [..] said that theire business to
fetch out the Dr was to carry him to see Mrs Milward

ThisExaminatInformant further deposeth that the said Milward hath often
declared to this Informt: that the said Harper and Cole were men
that followed very ill courses, and that he should never doe well until
he was gott out of theire ill Companie, for that he found it was not
safe to be any wages concerned amongst them; but the said Milward
did never tell this [..] Informant that the said Cole or Harper or himself
wate any wayes concerned in ye Murder of Dr Clinch

The Informt: further deposeth, that some little time before Mr
Harrison was Executed as aforesaid, this Informt: was in Companie wth is
said Milward at a house in Moorefeild whether came the said Cole [..]
Harper one after another who in discourse wth ye said Milward seemed
distrustfull of him, and they told Milward, that that man was a
Rogue that betrayed his trust, to wch Milward replyed, that if any
Pson did relye on him, if it were for Murder he would not discover
it,buthe wouldfirstbe torne Limbe from Limb before he would
discover him, at these words they seemed to be freinds and shaked
hands. After this more angry words arose and they often called
Mr Milward asidetoand whispered to him, and had him forth
into ye yard for more privacie and when they came into ye roome
againe, Milward [..] but ye contents of that note this Informt Ruswith not wrote a note and gave it to Cole and
the disorder they were then in made him this Informt: thinke that
they designed to Quarrell, soe that this Informt: came away and
left them,

In a day or two after this, the said Milward told this Informant
that the said Cole and Harper had [..] sett upon him to Murder or him after this

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