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13th March 1691 - 14th December 1692

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Image 31 of 18527th May 1692

The Informacon Willm Marsh< no role > Clerk to John Hayle< no role >
Late of the Junr. Temple Esqr Clerke to theSworne and Examined
touching the Deull of the [..] John Hyle this 27 day of May
Ano Dm 1692 with


That about one of the Clerke this Morneing this Deponent was
Called out this Redd by an of the watchman of the Junr. Temple
who could this Depont. that his Mastr. was Kild whereupon
this Dept went downe and found It was true whereupon could
the Constables that Mr. Hyle was att the Younge Devile the
Constable went theither and Knocked att the Doore and this Dept.
Comeing att ye Sume tyme aked the Dinner John Leatherr
who was with Mr. Hyle and hee could him that there was
one Mr KingsMyll Mr Clerke and one other Gentleman
& hee Knew not his name I desired the Constables to [..] wth.
me to Kingsmyll Lodgeing in Slearelamt who could me lee
Could not it [..] This Liberty but went will me to ye walk
in Chansery Lane and there wee Stayd for ye Constables and
when hee came, wee went to Sheare Lane and Knocked att ye doore
and therecame aboy to ye doore and this Depnt Asked
if Mr. Kingsmell was with in who Answered hee was not
but this Depnt. Answered that the Doore must be opened for
hee would search for him whereupon it was opened and did and
found him, in [..] who could the Company that hee Knew [..]
of the Mattr. Saying if hee had thought wt. would have follow
they should not have found him hee went to the wai [..] houses
this Depont desired ye Constable to gve along with him to Mr
Clerke Chambr. of Grays Inn takeing the Constable of Thath librty
wee went downe to ye Gate in Gray Inn Lane and After ye porter
for me Clarke who wuld this Depont. yt Mr. Clarke was net in
his Chambr. for there had been a Man in Gray Coate who
asked for Mr. Clerke this Depnt. [..] where was the
porter coud him hee was giveing up Grayes Inn Lane and Shewed
him Goeing neare the End of ye Lane this Depont. Imediately
followed him and ye A Mr. Pitts Casting his hear back very often
this depont. Susspected him and run faster towards him and soe
Some as hee name to ye End of ye Lane ye sd Mr. Pitts began
to runn whereupon this Depont. Cryed and to Flopp him for hee
was ye Man ye sd Mr. Pitts Pasd ye walk att Holburne Rarrs

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