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13th March 1691 - 14th December 1692

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Image 19 of 1853rd February 1692

Burned in a pipe with Tobacco, the Ashes would make any one
very sicke if it were put into anything they Eate or Dranke, but his
Master same he had tooke advise on that, and it would not
make any one Sicke, his master then bed him Confesse what
it was that had put into poyson us, The Blacke then told his
Master it was Ratts Bane that he did put in and that he bought
two pippeing worths of that [..] Ratt Hiller< no role > which his master had
Formerly Imployed to [..] the Ratts, his master asked him
if he had made use of nothing Else, he said of nothing Else
His master told him that this [..] day his Former Mistrises
Nurse told him that he had poysoned his other mistris severall times,
The Black then said he was sorry fordid Confesse he had put the poyson
severall times into his Rather mistrises poysoning [..]
the Nurse made For his Mistris in the [..]
and that
the nurse did Charge him with it the Black did then also
tell his master that he had put in the same poyson into [..]
Master Victualls Severall times while his Forme Mistris
Lay Sicke, His Master asked him where he Put no the poyson
into his Victualls to kill him, the Blacke answered Yes, his
Master then Asked him what hurt have I don to you
that you should be goe bloody to me to kill me, he was
Sielent, his master said what his you thinke to geet your
Liberty by Killing me, The Black said yes, some other
questions his master asked him, which I doe not now well
Rememr prtichlers, Then his master prsently sent For a
Constable and Tooke him before the Right Honoble the [..]
Lucas Covenor of the Tower .

Jurat [..] dieJanuaryFebruary
1691 cor me


Rebecka Dymocke< no role >

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