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13th March 1691 - 14th December 1692

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Image 15 of 1853rd February 1692

The Examinacon of Mr. Thomas Dymock< no role > taken
bef upon Oath before the Rt. Honoble. Robt. Lord Lucas
Chief Governour of their Maties. Tower of London .

This Examint. saith that in Summer last was Twelve month
he was taken very ill & continued so about 2 Months
For the recovery of wch. sickness this Examint. went into
the Countrey & assoon as he returned home his Black
called Edward Francis< no role > gave him a Dose of Stuff wch.
he believes was Poyson it making him very ill.

And this Examint. further Deposeth that his then Wife
Eat some of the same Stuff prepared for him and fell
very ill in the same manner that this Examint. did
And that the said Black owned that he gave this
Examints. wife another Dose which she never recovered
but after some time Languishing order the Distemper
Dyed & that he gave this Examint. the same Dose at the same
time with his said wife.

Further this Examint. Deposeth that on Sunday last 10 Janr the
said Black gave him another Dose of the same
Stuffe in a draught of the wch. has very much in-
disposed this Examint. ever since He having since
confest that he did it with a Design to poyson this
Examint. & be Master himself.

That on the same Sunday 10th. January there being a misse
of water gruell preparing for this Examint. the said
Black demanded who the said Gruell was intended for
& being informed it was Designed for his Master he
putt in another Dose of the same Stuffe, which

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