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1st January 1786 - 23rd February 1787

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"in a Coal Mine and had great connections with
"him and had taken Many Bills of him and that
"the Bill would be paid when due" That Informant
told said Byron that he would make enquires about
said Bill and if he approved of said Bill would
send him the Goods. That Informant sent home all
the Goods by the Porter and immediately went
himself to No. 4 Argyle Street and knocked at the
Door when a Lad came to the Door of whom he
enquired for Mr. Mason, who replied that "he was
at home" and shewed this Informant into a Parlour
observing that he would call Mr. Mason to him. That
in a short space of time a Person now present calling
himself John Henry Aickles< no role > This name instance is in set 1545. came into said Parlour
when this Informant asked said Aickles if his Name
was Mason who replied that "it was" That this
Informant then took the said Promissory Note not produced
out of his Pocket and Presented it to said Aickles
asking said Aickles if it was drawn by him who
replied" that it was and that it should be paid when
it because due "after which this Informant came
away, That about three Days after this, said Byron
(whose France this Informant believes to be Smith or Persons)
came to Mr. George's Shop and ask'd whether they
intended tobetake said Promissory Note when
Mr. Yedge replied in the Negative and upon said
Byron alias Smith's going out of the Shop he was
taken into custody charged with defrauding Mr.
John Lee< no role > of Charing Cross Hosier of about Nine
Pair of Stockings. And the said Charles Jealous< no role >
for himself saith that he hath Known the
[..] Person now present calling himself John Henry Aickles< no role > This name instance is in set 4422. This set is in the group(s): GarrowsClients . for about three Years
and never know him go by the Name of
Mason, and further Says that a Bill of Exchange
now produced drawn by John Mason< no role > on William
< no role >

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