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19th October 1786 - 21st December 1787

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Image 701 of 7746th December 1787

Middlesex to wit

The Information of Thomas
< no role > of Newgate Market in
the City of London Butcher and
William Tucker< no role > Collector of the
Toll at Vanchall Turmpike taken
before me this 6th day of December
1787 .

Who being upon Oath severally day and first the
said Thomas Dunckley< no role > for himself says that
on Saturday afternoon the first of December
instant John Munday< no role > now present having left
a Messuage for him with his Wife in Newgate
Market during this Informant to call on him
at the three Jolly Butchers in Werwick Lane
as the had some Beasts to sell and wished this
Informant to purchase them and that he immediately
went to said Alehouse when he found said
Monday who told this Informant he had two day
Hat Beasts to sell namely a spay'd Heifer
and on that Informant agreed with him
get three hence for pound that on the following
Morning about four o'Clock (without any previous
appointment) said Munday Knocked this
Informant up and told him that he had brought
one of the Blast in a Cart namely the Heifer
which he received into his Shop Monday
to his Naughtering House at Cow Crass where

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