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19th October 1786 - 21st December 1787

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Image 68 of 77431st March 1787

to wit}

The Information of Collin Minzies< no role > and Richard Long< no role > taken on Oath
before us two of his Majestys Justices of the Peace in and for the said
County the 31st. day of March 1787

Who being on their Oaths say and first the said Collin Minzies for himself saith
that be came from Cork in Ireland about fivethree or fourWeeksup that he brought
a Letter from there for the Person now present who says his name is James
< no role > but who was then known to this Deponent by the Name of Daniel
< no role > that the said Person has seldom been out of this Informants company [..]
he arrived at London until Saturday the tenth day of March instant on which
day he this Informant received the sum of forty six pounds sixteen shillings from
Mr Skiggs at the White Hart in the Boroughthat Welch was present with him
when he received it and never out of his company until he was robbed
thereof in the morning of the next dayevening of that daythat he bought a silk Purse in London hall
Street in the afternoon of the same day into which he put all his money
to wit forty four Guineas and one half in Gold and seven half Crowns in Silver
in the presence of the said James Walsh< no role > that they went in company to several
Places together and at last to the Black Horse and Crown on Town Hill
about eight or nine o'Clock in the evening where they joined company with
several Men whom this Informant knew and had seen before particularly
John Desmand< no role > Francis Lindsey< no role > and Francis Simmonds< no role >
that he had drank pretty freely and in the course of the
evening recollects to have pulled out his purse before the Company and took out
half a Crown to bet with one of their upon the subject of navigation that he
did not put his purre back into his Breeches Pocket but put it in hisRight
left hand Waistcoat Pocket that he went out of the house twice Backwardsto
make [..]
that one of those times Walsh was with him who was or
petended to be sick and leaned upon this Informants shoulder that nine
time after he come an he missed his purse and money that upon making as
disturbance about the same the Landlady came up to him scratched his
Face and Illheated him and said she did not believe that ever he was
Possessed of so much money that in return he struck her upon which she
called in the Watchmen and sent him to the Watch house where he
remained until eight oClock the next morning
when she came and discharged him without ever taking him before a
Marshall lastly saith that there were other Persons in the said House
during the time this Informant was there but he did not go into the
company of any Person or Persons but them the said James Walsh< no role > otherwise
David Welch< no role > JohnDesmand< no role > Francis Lindsey< no role > and Francis Simmonds< no role >

Sworn before us the day &
Year first above written}

John Staples< no role >
Saml Hawkins< no role >

John Mongers< no role >

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