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23rd July 1783 - 1st June 1786

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Image 281 of 4437th April 1786

that calls herself Elizabeth Adams< no role > came to their Shop
and pledged the Bail & printed Cotton Gowns now pro
duced for Sixteen Shillings

Wm. Astron< no role > lar himself says that Yesterday
Evening about Nine OClock this Infort having a Search
Warrant waited for the prisoner Elizabeth Adams< no role > coming
Home that about Eleven she returnd that upon search
ing Her Room this Infort found 2 Muslin half neck
Handkerchiefs 1 Muslinn Houned Apron &1 Cloth do.
the property of the said Alexander Macley< no role >

Alex Mackes< no role >
[mark] Her
Isabella [mark] Macky< no role >

Thomas Hyndes< no role >
Wm Ashdon< no role >

Sworn before me this Seventh
Day of April 1786

Robt. Abington< no role >

The rup of Alexr. Mackey< no role >

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