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23rd July 1783 - 1st June 1786

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Image 260 of 44313th March 1786

to wit}

The Information of Finlay Martin< no role > a Mariner , Who Lodges at the
House of Mrs Adams on Salt Petre Bank White Chapel
in the said County taken on Oath before us John Staples< no role >
and Samuel Hawkins< no role > Esquires two of His Majesty's Justices
of the Peace in and for the said County the 13th day of
March 1786

Who saith that he is a Mariner and a Pensioner of the Chest at Chatham
That on Saturday last he received from Henry Bailey< no role > an agent for
the said Chest about One pound Six or Seven Shillings in Silver and
Copper Monies That between Seven and Sight o'Clock in the Evening
of the same day he went to the House ofSimpson
the Blue Anchor in Cable Street in the parish of Saint George in the
said County and there called for a pint of Beer That whilst
he was Drinking the same and Oating some Victuals the two
Women now present who say their Names are
Mary Ireland< no role > Ann Price< no role > and another Woman not taken were in the said
House Standing by the Tap Room Fire that one of them Asked
him this Informant for some Victuals That he replied he was
very hungry and Rad not got any to Spare Saith that he had his
Money Tied in his Handkerchief round his neck out of which he
took Six pence to pay for his Beer and he imagines the said
Women then saw his Money for presently after two of the
said Women that is to say the said Ann Price< no role > and the other
Woman not taken
seized hold of this Informant whilst the said Mary
< no role > with a Knife forcibly Out away that part of
his Hankerchief which Contained his Money andall
run out of the house Lastly Saith that he followed
[..] her out and as soon as he got into the Street he was
Kusched down by a Man and the said three Women
got away at that time.

Sworn before us the day and Year
first above written}

John Staples< no role >
Saml. Hawkins< no role > :

Finlay [mark] Martin

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