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23rd July 1783 - 1st June 1786

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Image 251 of 44311th March 1786


The Information of Jane Fokes< no role > [..]
the Elder of Bull Court Tooley Street Widow , Jane Fokes< no role >
and Eleanor Gillingwater< no role > both of the Corner of Mount Street
the Corner of Portugal Street Hanover Square & Daniel
< no role > of Tooley Street Cabinet Maker Takin Marh. 11th. 1786
before Nicholas Forster< no role > [..] and Wm. Hyde< no role > Esqr .

That [..] The Prisoner Elizabeth Jackson< no role > alias
came to this Deponents House Saturday last the 4th. Inst. about
two o' Clock in the Afternoon and enquired if this Deponent did
not go out Nursing, Her said Son Daniel Fokes< no role > having wrote
a Note to fetch her Daughter things from Eleanor Gilling water< no role > s
Lodgings, The Note lying on the Window took it up and went
to the said Gilling waters and obtained from her two Boxes
containing two Silk Gowns three Cotton Gowns two ApronsAnnone
Black and three pair of White Cotton Stockings a Tea Caddie and
sundry other Articles of Wearing Apparell the property of her said
Daughter Jane Fokes< no role >

The Mark of
Jane Fokes< no role > [mark] the Elder

And the said Jane Fokes< no role > the Daughter on her Oath saith that on
Saturday the 4th. Jno. she Requested Daniel Fokes< no role > her Brother to
Write a Note for her sister to go to Elianor Gillingwater< no role > s to fetch
a Dark Cotton Gown a Silk Handkerchief and two pair of Black
stockings and a Tea Caddie, And this Deponent further on her Oath
Saith, That the Prisoner having understood from a Conversation that
her Boxes were at the said Gillingwaters House took up a Note
that lay on the Window without this Deponent Knowledge and Consent
and went to the sd Gilling waters House and obtained from her two
Boxes Containing her Wearing Apparel as is above Stated in her
sd Mothers Deposition, Part of which appears to have been
Pawnd with several different Pawn brokers

Sworn March 11th.
1786 Before us.

N. for [..]

The Mark of
Jane [mark] Fokes< no role > the Young

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