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23rd July 1783 - 1st June 1786

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Image 241 of 4433rd April 1786

Middlesex to wit.

The Information John Fuller< no role > of Brentford
End in the County of Middlesex Pawnbroker
John King< no role > one of the Constables of the parish of
Ealing and John Stiles< no role > of Brentford in the County
aforesaid Landlord of the Feathers Alehouse taken
before me this 3rd. day of [..] April 1786

Who being upon Oath say and first the said John Fuller< no role > says
that about 5 o Clock in the morning of Saturday morning last this
Informants House situate at Brentford End aforesaid was
broke open and robbed of one silver Medal one silver stock
Clasp, several pieces of Silver, one pair of Silver Buckles, one
Silver pass Spoon 4 Silver tea spoons two silver Seals and
divers other Articles now produced, And the said John King< no role > says
that on Saturday morning last he apprehended a person now present
who calls himself James Godfrey< no role > at the sign of the Feathers at Brentford
and found the silver Medal now produced in his pocket, and in his
room a Silver Stock buckle several pieces of Silver and a leather Purse
and in the pocket of Hannah Godfrey< no role > Wife of said James Godfrey< no role >
he found a pair of Silver Buckles, a Silver Pap Spoon five silver Tea
Spoons, two Silver Seals, four seals set in silver, a silver Tooth pick case
three Metal Seals, eight Silk Handkerchiefs. a Black Silk Cravat, a half
laced Handkerchief and a Gold Ear Ring now produced and further says
that the same afternoon about 4 o' Clock he found the Watch now
produced in the Cage at Brentford where he had put said James
< no role > for safety - And the said John Stiles< no role > says that said James
< no role > lodged at his House That on saturday morning last Godfrey
went out about past 4 o' Clock and returned about 7 o' Clock having
with him a Bundle in a white Cloth.

Sworn before me this
3rd. day of April 1786}

Sampr Wright< no role >

John Fuller< no role >
Jno King< no role >
John Stiles< no role >

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