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23rd July 1783 - 1st June 1786

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Image 121 of 44318th February 1786

Westminr: to Wit

The Information of James Gray< no role > of No. 19
Old Fish Street near Doctors Commons in
the City of London Factor - Joseph Lygow< no role > of
Windmill Street near the Haymarket Stable
Keeper , John Townsend< no role > , John Atkins< no role > Jonathan Rutland< no role > and
John Shallard< no role > taken before me this 18th day
of Febry 1786

Who being upon Oath say, and for it the said James
< no role > says that about a quarter part twelve o Clock yesterday
forenoon he was robbed near Lord Mansfields Gateway
at Caen Wood in the County of Middlesex by a Single
Highwayman mounted on a grey Horse of a Gold
Watch, a purple String, one seal, one Key, one Guinea, and
eighteen pence in Money - That he is very sure that a person
now present who calls himself James Kitsall alias Smith alias
Wilmot is the Highwayman that so robbed him as aforesaid
and that he was mounted on the Grey Gelding now produced
by the said Joseph Lygow< no role > - And further saith that the purple
string and key now produced by the said John Atkins< no role > was to his Watch when he was
robbed of it - and that the Highwayman had with him at the
time he robbed him a Whip resembling the Whip now produced -
The said Joseph Lygow< no role > says that the grey Gelding now produced
is his property and was lett on Thursday last about 2 o Clock

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