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23rd January 1786 - 18th December 1786

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Image 676 of 6817th December 1786

Westminster to wit

The further Examination of
John Sumner< no role > taken before me
this 7th. day of December 1786

This Examinant says that or Thursday Night last
about half past eight o'Clock he this Examinant feloniously
state from under an Arch way on the Premises of Mary
< no role > now present at the Bath House at Brompton
the Bedstead and Sacking now produced which he that
Night hid in a Field of Henry Hutchins< no role > 's at Earls Court ,
when they [..] remained till about seven o'Clock on Monday
Morning last when he took themitto be House of Bridget
< no role > now present in Hedge Lane that in friday last when this Examinant
sold the Plough Coullors and Plough Plate, as mentioned in
his former Examination, to said Bridget Ryan, he
mentioned to her that the Man who kept the Red Cow
at Hammersmith had a Bedstead to sell and which he
would bring for her to look at That said Bridget Ryan
then said that ''she would buy it if she could get a [..]
by it'' That when he brought said Bedstead and Sacking
on Monday last to said Bridget Ryan as aforesaid the
said Bridget Ryan said "have you broght it" Examinant
replied yes That said Bridget Ryan then asked'' what the
Man asked for it'' Examinant out replied Nine Shillings, when
said Bridget Ryan observed'' said Bed stead and Sacking
were worth little a nothing'' Examinant then observed that
they must be worth something, when said Bridget Ryan
said "I will give you a half a Crown for them be it low it will"
That said Bridget Ryan then gave this Examinant two Shillings
for said Bed stead and Sacking observing that" she had then no

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