Old Bailey Sessions:
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14th April 1781 - 18th March 1786

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Image 120 of 46123rd February 1785


Trans 7 Years

David Jones< no role >
23Steal Goods & Monies v 10..9..6 & Two
Bank Notes v 20 of Willm. Blick< no role >


William Bradley< no role >
14Steal Goods v 4s..6d of John Mc. Phail< no role >


Luke Rogers< no role >
23Steal. Goods v 13s..6d of John Absalom< no role >

6 Mo to Ca [..]

Elizabeth Baldwin< no role >
36Steal Goods v 25s/. of James Paul< no role >

privy Wt & ded

Elizabeth Castle< no role > ,
30Steal Goods v 5s/. of Thomas Worster< no role >

privy Wt & H Cor
6 Mo.

{George Vanderbeck< no role >
Joseph Rawlins< no role >
John White< no role >
Abel Drudge< no role > }
Cutting & breakg. Lead v 45s/ fixed 6
a Building of The Rt. Honble Lord
Camelford with intent to steal agt.
ye Stat. Etc

Trans 7 Years beyond ye Seas.

Matthew Marks< no role > .
21Steal Goods v 8. of John Harcourt< no role >
Esqrs .


Francis Scott< no role >
16Steal. Goods v 28s/. of John Richards< no role > .

Trans 7 Years beyond ye Seas.

Joseph Payne< no role >
Steal goods v 10s/. of Hannah Edwards< no role > .

Do. Do.

{George Pattison< no role >
James Donovan< no role > }
Steal Goods & Monies v 5s:6d of John Oldham< no role >

Puby. Whipt & 6 Mos.
Hon: Cor:

Joseph Lee< no role > ,
50Steal Lead v 8s/. of Peter Martin< no role > fired
to his Dwell. House agt. the Statute Etc

Trans 7 years beyond ye Seas

John Browne< no role >
Steel Goods v 5s/. of Peter Shelander< no role >

Trans 7 Yr

Thomas Hamilton< no role >
24. Simon Goring< no role > }
Steal Goods price 4. of John Thompson< no role >


23. Christopher Webb< no role > .
Steal Goods v 25s..9d. of John Barker< no role >

fined 6d/ Ho: Cor: 6 Mos.
6 [..]

Ann Agus< no role >
46Steal Goods v 5s..10d. of John Kinslow< no role > .

fined 6d/ Imprisd. One
Monthis Newgate

Elizabeth< no role > Wife of.
William Johnson< no role > .
Steal Goods 14s/. of Mary Plunkett< no role > Wo.

Puby. Whipt 100 Yards
near the New River head

Christopher Worland< no role >
24Steal Goods v 2s..2d of the Govn. &
Compy. of The New River brot. from
Chadwell & Amwell to London &
Goods v 2s:6d. of Wm. Stephenson< no role >

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