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Middlesex to Wit

The Information of James Kerton< no role > of Saint Anns Lane
Westminster a Soldier in the Cold stream Regiment
of foot Guards taken before me this 24th. day of
December 1782.

Who being upon Oath says that last Sunday was
sevennight between the hours of two and three o Clock as this Infor-
-mant was passing along Saint Anns Lane he observed two
Persons now present who call themselves James Willis< no role > and
David Branwood< no role > who were pulling down four Houses
belonging to the Governors of the Gray Coat Hospital in Tothill
Fields of the Royal Foundation of Queen Ann [..]
That the said David Branwood< no role > had in his Hands a long
Wooden Pole and [..] pulled down and demolished a [..]
a great Quantity of Wood Work of said Houses and carried
away the Timber belonging to the same; and that the
said James Willis< no role > was very Active in carrying away
more of said Timber after said David Branwood< no role > had
pulled it downThat there [..] were to the Amount
ofthereThirty Personspersonspresent who were all
riotously and tumultuously assembled together to the
Disturbance of the Public Peace and who assisted in pulling
down the said Dwelling Houses all the insides of which
an pulled down and carried away Jas Kerton

Sworn before me this
24th. day of Decemr. 1782}


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