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The Information of Mary Bindley< no role > of
Kingsland Road in the County of Middlesex
Single woman and Wm Mathews< no role > of
Wentworth Street in the said County
Weaver taken on Oath before us three
of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace
Acting in and for the said County this
30th day of December 1782

First this Informant Mary Bindley for herself on
her Oath saith That about three o' Clock in the
Morning of Sunday the twenty Ninth day of
NovenDecember Inst. as she this Informant was
passing along the Kings Highway in Wentworth
Street in the parish of Saint Mary White Chapel
in the said County she was Stopped by the person
now present who calls himself John Cowdry< no role >
That the said John Cowdry< no role > did then and there
feloniouslyAssault her put her in Bodily fear
and feloniously take from her personthe
one Shilling in Silver The Money of her this
Informant Numberedlastlysaith that the
said Johns Cowdry Threatened to cut her in
half in case she Spoke a Word but she
Cried out to the Watch who came up to her
Assistance and took them both into Custody
lastly saith that the shilling she was Robbed
of was a Queen Anns Shilling and had a hole
through the Middle.

This Informant William Mathews< no role > for himself on his
Oath saith that he is one of the Watchmen of the
Parish of White Chapel That on hearing a
Cry of Watch he went to the Place where he saw
the said Mary Bindley< no role > and the said John Cowdry< no role >
That the said Mary Bindley Informed him that
she had been Robbed by the said John Cowdry< no role >
of a Queen Anns Shilling with a hole through upon
which he this Informant took them both into Custody
and to the Watchhouse belonging to the sd Parish

Taken and Sworn the day and Year above Written
before usJohn Staples< no role >

J Hawley< no role > Saml. Hawkins< no role >

Mary [mark] Bindley< no role >

William [mark] Mathews< no role >

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