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his this Deponent Purse from him Containing the Remaining
fourteen Guinea and Ran away, h [..] this deponent Immediately
Pursued him to Johnsons Court Charing Cross after having Search'd
Severall [..] took the said George Adams< no role > , Alias Samuel
< no role > , into Custody coming out of one of the said Houses, and
Left him in the Custody of a Constable Immediately this deponent
went up two Pair of Stairs in the said house, and in a Room found
the said Purse now Produced with the Ring that George Adams< no role > Alias Samuel
< no role > Pretended he found in the Street between the Beds and
the Sacking Immediately they Came before William Hyde< no role > Esquire

Gi [..] Coppola

I, John Andrew< no role > Perazzo do make Oath that the Above is a
Anne, Interpretation

Sworn before me this
4th. day of September 1782}

William Hyde< no role >

John Andw: Perazzo< no role >

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