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the said Henry Lavell< no role > lodged at his Master's house again last Night
and this Morning in this Informant's presence wrote another Order
for Payment of Money now produced Purporting to be the Order
of H H Aston No 12 Lower Seymour Street Portman Square
on Mr.. Drummond Charing Cross for the Payment of Ten Pounds
Ten Shillings to the Bearen or Order and dated the 25th. of Augst..
1782which he likewise gave to this Informant desiring him to
go to Mr. Drummond's and receive the Moneywhere this Informants
was taken into custody. And the said William Craggs< no role > says that
he is a Clerk to Messrs.. Drummonds at Charing Cross ; that the Order
for Payment of Ten Guineas before mentioned was published at
their Banking house this Morning and as he believes by the said
Robert Chaplin< no role > . And the said William Smith< no role > says that that his Clerk to Messrs. Drummonds also & that the
other Order for Payment of five Guineas now produced was
Published at their Banking house on Saturday morning last
by the said Robert Chaplin< no role > to whom this Informant paid five
Guineas. And the said John Watts< no role > says that the Gold
Watch and Chain now produced were pawned with this Informant
for two Guineas by the said Henry Lavell< no role > on the 17th. of
August Instant in the Name of Henry Ellis< no role > .

Sworn before me this
26th.. day of August 1782.}

Sampr Wright< no role >

H. H. Aston
Robert Chaplain< no role >
Wm. Craggs< no role >
Wm. Smith< no role >
John Watts< no role >

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