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Middlesex to Wit

The Information of Thomas Watson< no role > Esquire of
Hillingdon on near Uxbridge in the County of Middlesex
Henry Rance< no role > Servant to the said Thomas Watson< no role >
Thomas Carpmeal< no role > and Patrick Mc Manus< no role >
taken before me this 13th. day of Febry: 1782

Who being upon Oath say, and first the said Thomas
< no role > says that at a little after six oClock on Friday Evening
the 18th.. of January last he was robbed in his Post Chaise near
East Acton Lane of a Metal Watch and about fifty shillings
in Money, by two Highwaymen, both of whom had Masks or
Crapes over their facesand further says that he doth believe from
the voice of a person now Present who calls himself Richard
Darling Guest
< no role > him to bethat he is one of the said Highwaymen that
so robbed him as aforesaidAnd the said Henry Rance< no role > says
that he drove the Chaise in which his said Master was, at
the time of the Robbery, and that he doth verily believe the
said Richard Darling Guest< no role > to be one of the Highwayman that
robbed his Master as aforesaidAnd the said Thomas Carpmeal
says that he with other Officers apprehended the said Richard
Darling Guest
< no role > on SaturdayNightlast at the Manchester Arms
Ale house in Portman Square and found in his Pocket a loaded
Pistol and a Crape now producedAnd the said Patrick Mc
< no role > says that he was with the said Thomas Carpmeal and
found at the same time another loaded Pistol now Produced

Sworn before me this
13th. day of Febry.. 1782}

W Addington< no role >

Thos. Watson< no role >

Henry [mark] Rance< no role >

Thos. Carpmeal
Patrick Mc. Manus


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