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And this Informant William Heald< no role > for
himself saith that he is also a Clerk to
Robert< no role > and Henry Drummand< no role > and Company
Bankers at Charing Cross that one Saturday
Morning last a person now present who calls
himself William Lewis< no role > brought a Draft to
to following purport

Messrs. Drummond

Pay the bearer the sum of Forty eight
pounds eighteen Shillings and place it to the
account of

J Pownall

Septr 10. 1774

and tendered the same to this Informant for
payment thereof upon which this Informant
desired him to write his name upon the back
thereof which he did by the name of Thos. Smith< no role >
then this Informant went backwards and shewed
the said Draft to the other Informant George
Wheelley who being of opinion it was aforged Draft
Mr Drummond directed this Informant to procure
a Constable and take the person who had brought
it for payment into Custody which he did

And this Informant John Pownall< no role > Esquirer
forsurname='Drummond' himself saith that [..]
he keeps Cash at Robert< no role > and Henry
< no role > & Company at Charing Cross that on
Friday Morning last a Clerk of Messr. Drummond
came to this Informant shewed him the first
abovementioned Draft now produced and desired
to know of this Informant whether he had drawn
it and if it was of his hand Writing upon which
this Informant gave for answer that he had
never made any such Draft and that the same
was a forged Draft and this Informant further
saith that upon being acquainted of the said William
< no role > being taken into Custody he hath attended
the Examination this Day and upon Examining

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