Old Bailey Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

5th December 1771 - 16th December 1772

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Image 675 of 69516th December 1772

Jno Hutchinson< no role >
Edwd. Beanchamp
< no role > . Neshem

[mark] 29.{
Hannah Wilds< no role >
For Steal on 11th. Novr. last at St. Margt.
Westr . one Silver Watch Val 30s. Two Gas & Two
Mordores of John Hutchinson< no role > .

Alexr. Keith< no role > For Feb receivg. the above Watch Knowg. it to have
been Stolen agst. the Stat Etc.

Wm. Rumsey< no role >
Philip Signal< no role >
Wm. Thatcher< no role >
Wm. Knox< no role >
Percival Phillips< no role >

[mark] 30. Mary Clark< no role >
Deborah Jones< no role > }
For Steal on 17th Novr last at St. Botolph Aldgate
one Canvas Bag Val 1d. 15 Gas. one half Ga. & 3s
in Monies Numbered of Wm. Rumsey in the
Dwelling House of Thos. Greer< no role > This name instance is in set 3660. .

Ann Ashworth< no role >
Wm. Timins< no role >
James Chaplin< no role >
Wm. Cartwright< no role >

[mark] 31. Robt. Dale< no role >
Richd. Henley< no role >
John Trusty< no role >
Alexr. Brook Field }
For Steal on 10th Novr. last at St. Mary
Islington five live Ducks price 3s. & One Live
Drake price 6d. of Wm. Timmins< no role > & Daniel Sebbon< no role >
three Live Hens price 2s. & one live Cock price
6d. of Letilia Browning< no role > Widow

John Smither< no role >
Elizth. Cooke< no role >

[mark] 32. Esther Cook< no role >
For Steal on 28th. Novr. last at Psh of St. George
one Wooden till Val 6d. 18d. in Monies Numbered
& 192 Half pence of James Aspinall< no role > .

Thos. Brice< no role >
James Hatton< no role >
Jos: Brown< no role >

[mark] 33.Patrick Tranier< no role >
Francis Arlinge< no role >
John Hayes< no role > }
For Steal on 6th. Novr. last at St. Giles in
the Fields 17 Pr. of Leather Shoes Val 20s. of
Thos. Brice.

Ann Whitehead< no role >
John Sowerby< no role >
Benjn. Cann< no role >

[mark] 34. Elizabeth Vaughan< no role >
For Steal on 7th. Novr. last at St. James Westr .
one Cotton Gown Val 5s. & one Callamanes
Pettycoat Val 5s. of Robt Whitehead< no role > .

Not in Custody

Agnes Byrne< no role >
Philip Conway< no role >
Saml. Randall< no role >

[mark] 35. Timothy Irwin< no role >
For Steal on 30th. Novr. last at St. Mary
Matfelon als Whitechapel one Silk Cloak Val 2s.
one Silk Hat Val 2s. one Silk Handkerchief
Val 6d. one Linnen Handkerchief Val 1d. one Pewter
< no role > Box Val< no role > 2d. & one Pr. of Womens Wooden
Clogs Val 2d. of John Byrne< no role >

Mary Knightley< no role >
Saml. Knightley< no role >

[mark] 36. Richard Collins< no role >
For Steal on 27th Novr last at St. Botolph
Aldgate on Pr. of Silver Shoe Buckles Val 10s
of Saml. Knightley< no role > privately in his Shop.

Godfrey Enke< no role >
Frances Price< no role >

[mark] 37. Sarah Tucker< no role >
For Steal on 27th. Novr. last at St James
Westr . on Copper Stew pan Val 8s. of Godfrey

Jno Culpit< no role >
Aaron Morritt< no role >
Thos. Brown< no role >
Humphry Sowden< no role >

[mark] 38. Mary Thacker< no role >
For Steal on 29th. July last at St. Luke Chelsea
19 Yards of Linnen Check Val 15s. & 37 Yards
of Printed Cotton Val 40s. of John Culpit
privately in his Shop.

Matthew Sage< no role >
John Cockman< no role >
George Cockman< no role >
John Taylor< no role >

[mark] 39. Benjamin Durden< no role >
For Steal on 24th. Novr. last at Psh of Harefield
on Linnen Shirt Val 2s. one Child Linnen Shirt
Val 10d. & one Cheque Linnen Apron Val 18d. of
Mathew Sage< no role > .

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