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Image 7 of 40216th January 1771

Saith that on or about the 3d. of this Month
he met with One Wm. Hawke< no role > & a Person now Present
who calls himself James Field< no role > & a [..] t Woman who calls
herself Elizabeth Clayton< no role > [..] they all Went to the play
together and had some Conversation concerning a
Pocket Book containing Notes & Bills which Hawke & Jas he had got And the
Next Morning this Informant met the said
Wm. Hawke< no role > & Jas Field< no role > & Hawke asked this
Informant to geo & Drink with them which he
agreed to & as they were going along Hawke & Field
asked him if he could Pass off a 20L Note & he
Answered that he knew nothing about Notes
& Could not Undertake to Passing off And this
Informant & Field went into a Public House
in Dean Street that soon after Hawke came
in & brought the Bill of Exchange now produced
& shewed it to this Informant & asked him if
he could pass it & he told him he could not upon
which Hawke told him that he should have most
part of the Money & a Watch if could get it off
Whereupon Field sayd you can get this ofd will
enough for that he Field. had got a 20L Note
off a four Days before And this Informant was
prevailed upon and did take the said Bill of
Exchange which he kept by him till Yesterday
when being Distressed for Money he sent the said
Bill of Exchange & by his Brother David Rhodes< no role > as
is above related And this Informant further
saith that about 3, or 4 Days after the Delivery
of the Bill of Exchange to him Field & Hawke
together applied to him & enquired whether he
had passed of the said Bill & they both applied
to him a Second time & made the same Enquiry
& upon finding he had not Passed it off they proposed
to this Informant that it should be Burnt
because Hawke sayd it would Transport
then upon which this Informant refused to
Deliver it & kept it till it was produced by his
Brother as above

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