Old Bailey Sessions:
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30th September 1711 - 4th December 1771

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Currently Held: London Metropolitan Archives

LL ref: LMOBPS450160102

Image 102 of 1044th December 1771


William Duley< no role >
Elizabeth Baker< no role >
Richard Williams< no role >
Samuel Baldwin< no role >
Mary Casey< no role >
Mary Sampson< no role >
William Waters< no role >
Aaron Spencer< no role >
Thomas Ives< no role >
William Ballard< no role >
James Nimmey< no role >
James Maddocks< no role >
Lazarus Harry< no role >
Robert Prince< no role >
Francis Giddy< no role >
Jane Ux Patrick Payton< no role >
John Thomas< no role >
John Lesslie
Robert Morris< no role >
Benjamin Phillips< no role >
Isaac Usher< no role >
Mary Griffy
Elizabeth Mills< no role >
Patrick Leith< no role >
Elizabeth James< no role > }
Acquitted of sevl. Felonies Robberies
Burglaries and Murders and discharged

Peter Cook< no role > Bill not found in London

Joseph Loveday< no role >
Joseph Mills< no role >
Robert Ferguson< no role > }
Indicted in London

William Turvey< no role >
Thomas Younger< no role > This name instance is in set 3659.
James Cellers
John Deswell< no role >
William Swift< no role >
Arthur Burch< no role >
Sivis David als Levi
George webber< no role > }
Indicted at Hicks Hall

Bills not found
No prosecution

{Israel Jacobs< no role >
Hugh Dowdle< no role >
Williams dell
Lawrence Dooley
Thomas Gregory< no role >
James Atwell< no role >
George Dowde< no role >
Thomas Rowland< no role >
William Waters< no role >
William Porter< no role >
Joseph Lumin
Francis Giddy< no role >
Martha Sharp< no role >
Mary Huggins< no role >
Aaron Spencer< no role >
Sarah Riley< no role >
Mary Nutt< no role >
James Maddocks< no role >
Charles Burton< no role >
William Lloyd< no role > }
Discharged by Proclamation

Henry West< no role >
Acquitted of Felony But being Detained by I
< no role > Esqr . on Oath of john Mun< no role > on Suspicion
of Felonious by taking and driving away four cows the
property of the said john Mun< no role > of little Heath in the
County of Essex . Is ordered to be sent to the Comon
Gaol of the said County of Essex

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