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Image 86 of 45822nd February 1770

Richd. French< no role >
Moses Pocock< no role >

[mark] 30. James Cotteral< no role >
For Steal on 16th. Febry Instant at the Pish
of Hesson one hand Saw Val 6s. one Tenant
Saw Val 4s. one Ax Val 12d. two Augurs
Val 18d. one Chissel Val 4d. & one Pecking
Gouge Val 4d. of Richard French< no role >

Elizth. Bailey< no role >

[mark] 31. Litchfield Gromant< no role >
For Steal on 24th. Janry last at St. Dunstan
in the West one Pr. of Linnen Sheets Val 2s.
one Pr. of Linnen Bed Curtains Val 2s. one
Brass Fender Val 12d. one Copper Tea Kettle
Val 6d One Brass Saucepan Val 6d. one
Feather Bolster Val 12d. & two Pewter Plates
Val 12d. of Elizth. Bailey< no role > Widow

Wm Bridges< no role >
Richd. Claydon< no role >
Edwd. Candling< no role >
Richd. Martin< no role >
Henry Cane< no role >

[mark] 32.Thomas Griffithis< no role >
For Stealing 6th. Febry Instant at St. Ann
Lime house one Hempen Sack Val 2s. of
Robert Bulman< no role > & 5 Bushels of Wheat Flour
Val 20s. of William Bridges< no role >

Jno. Eastence< no role >
Thos. Humphrys< no role >

[mark] 33. Elizabeth Waller< no role >
For Steal on 29th. Decembr. last at St. Andrew
Holbourn one Pr. of Silver Shoe Buckles
Val 5s. one Silver Watch Val 30s. & one Pr.
of Silver Knee Buckles Val 1s of John Eastence< no role >

Sarah Dickerson< no role >
Jno. Swinton< no role >
Robert Reading< no role >
James Scale< no role >

[mark] 34. Hannah < no role > Ux Wm. Francis< no role >
For Steal on 5th. Febry Instant at St. Andrew
Holborn four Linnen Shifts Val 4s. ten Linnen
Aprons Val 10s. eleven Linnen Handkerchiefs
Val 11s. three Linnen Caps Val 18d. & one Pr.
of Womans Linnen Pockets Val 12d. of
Sarah Dickerson< no role > Spr

Chas. Balderson< no role >
Geo: Newton< no role >
Wm. Bull< no role >

[mark] 35. Margt. Montgomery< no role >
For Steal on 14th. Febry Instant at St. John
Wapping one Silver Watch Val 2.2s. of
Charles Balderson< no role >

David Riddle< no role >
Elizth. Riddle< no role >
Jno. Gordon< no role >
Hannah North< no role >

[mark] 36. Elizth. Chapple< no role >
For Steal on 26th. Janry last at St. Leonard
Shoreditch one Linnen Shirt Val 2s of
David Riddle< no role >

Martha Royle< no role >
Elizth. Taylor< no role >
Elizth. Miller< no role >

[mark] 37. Martha Loggan< no role >
For Steal on 18th. Decembr. last at St. Clement
Danes Two Callico Curtains Val 5s. of
Martha Royle< no role > Spr .

Mary Petit< no role >
Elizth. phillips< no role >
Ann Lawrence< no role >
John Brown< no role >
David Storer< no role >

38. John Petman< no role >
For Steal on 10th. Febry Instant at St. George
the Martyr one Metal Watch Val 30s. three
Silk Gowns Val 3. one Sattin Pettycoat Val
20s. one Stuff Petty coat Val 2s. one Pr. of
Womans Stays Val 10s. & One Cloth Apron
Val 6d. of Mary Petit< no role > Spr

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