Old Bailey Sessions:
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16th January 1756 - 23rd December 1756

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At the Delivery of the King's Street Goal of Newgate holden for
the County of Middlesex at Justice Hall in the Old Bailey in
the Suburbs of the City of London on Wednesday the Twenty
eighth day of April in the Twenty Ninth year of the Reign
of our Sovereign Lord George the Second now King of
Great Britain Etc. And in the year of our Lord 1756.

1. John Brice< no role >
otherwise Price.< no role >
otherwise Miss Marjoram}
Stands charged with a Suggestion filed
by his Majesty's Attorney General for
not Surrendring himself pursuant of
Notice published in the London Gazette
agt. the Statute.

Thomas Underwood< no role >
Frances Phillips< no role > ,
John Lewis< no role > .

2. Robert Ogle< no role > This name instance is in a workspace.
For the wilful Murder of Francis
< no role > , by Assaulting the said Francis
< no role > on the Tenth day of this instant
April at the Parish of St. George Hanover
Square with a certain Hanger made of
Iron & Steal V. 5s. which the said Robert
< no role > then & there had & held in his left Hand
& then & there giving to him the said
Francis Martin< no role > one Mortal Wound in & upon the left side of the Body near the left Breast of
the breadth of half an Inch & of the depth
of three Inches of which Mortal wound
the said Francis Martin< no role > died on the
Eleventh of this Instant Aprildiedat
the Parish aforesaid.

putt off [mark]

John Smith< no role > .
Joseph Smith< no role > .

3. William Grubb< no role > [mark]
For Stealing on the third day of
December last at the Parish of Saint
Margaret Westmr . one Wooden Kilderkin
V. 5s. od Evert George< no role > Coussmaker and
Thomas Pitt< no role > .

Thomas Morgan< no role >
Joseph Smith< no role >
John Clark< no role >
Joseph Naylor< no role > .

[mark] 4. Sandilands Walbank< no role >
For Stealing on the 22d. of March last
at the Parish of St. Margaret Westmr. one
Wooden Hogshead V. 5s. of Evert
< no role > Coussmaker & Thomas Pitt< no role > .

John Cumberledge< no role >
Benjamin Edwards< no role >
Thomas Morgan< no role >
Joseph Taylor< no role >
John Alexander< no role > .

[mark] 5. William Yates< no role >
Richard Rivers< no role >
William Sawyer< no role >
John Birch< no role >
William Dobbins< no role > }
For privately Stealing on the 18th. day
of March last fifty Gallons of Strong
Beer V. 25s. of John Cumberledge< no role > in
the Warehouse of the said John
Cumberledge at the Parish of St. John
the Evangelist Westmr.

Elizabeth Sutherland< no role >
Elizabeth Rowland< no role > .

6. Ann Slingsby< no role > [mark]
For Stealing on the 19th. of April instant
three Iron Keys V. 1d and 4s. in
moneys Numbred of John Sutherland< no role >
at the Parish of St. Margaret Westmr.

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