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16th January 1756 - 23rd December 1756

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The Examination of Nathaniel Cowdery< no role > of Uxbridge Cooper
taken upon Oath ye. 11th day of January 1796 before Tho
< no role > Esqr one of His Majestys Justices of ye peace
for the sd County

This Examinant saith that on Saturday
the 24th of January last as he was going home from Work he
saw John Prass< no role > a Boy that he know playing wth a gold mourning Ring
upon his finger, & asked him what he had there he said a Ring &
told him he would sell it, he asked him ye price he told him he sh [..]
have it for a penny upon wch. suspecting him, he stop the ring & ye.
Boy & finding it at gold measuring ring of Wm. Foley< no role > Esqr he advertised
it, and the boy was secured, and Mr Samuel Manning< no role > & his servant
came to Uxbridge & discovered to whom ye Ring belongd. & that it
was last out of a Box from the Wagon of Edwd. Russell< no role > lawyer of Strar
-bridge in Worcestershire

Nathaniel Cowdey< no role >

Taken upon oath the day &
was above mentioned before me

Tho. Blencowe< no role >

The Examination of Mr. Samuel Matting< no role > upon oath
taken as above ye 11th of February 1796.

This Examinant saith that he keep's
the Bull & month Inn in London & Edwd. Russells< no role > wagon for Stourbridge
Lodges at his house and on ye 19 of January a little Box was delivered
in his house for the Stourbridge Wagoner & delivered to him ye next
morning that he did not then know what was in it but has since
been informed there were 8 Mourning Rings in it for ye Funeral
of Wm Foley< no role > Esqr [..] and That the Rings were lost out of ye Box, and seeing
the advertisemt. of Cowdery he came down to Uxbridge & Found one
of the Rings in ye possesion of Cowdery, and making further Enquiry
he heard that Edwd Scass< no role > Father of the Boy had sold another
such Ring (wch. he confessd.) to Francis Hodges< no role > pawn broker in Uxbridge
the 26 of January who own'd he had the Ring of Prass ye. Father in
pawn for half a crown, and did not acquaint any body he had such
a Ring till this morning when it was enquired after

Taken upon oath the day was abovewritten
before me

Tho. Blencowe< no role >

Samuel Manning< no role >

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