Middlesex Coroners:
Coroners' Inquests into Suspicious Deaths

1st September 1747 - 13th June 1803

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And Sold by
Clifford's. Inn Gate

(to wit)}

AN INQUISITION indented, taken for our Sovereign LORD the KING, at the Sign of
the Shipwrights arms as Blackwall in the County of
Middlesex , the 16th Day of May in the 43d Year of the
Reign of our Sovereign LORD GEORGE the Third , by the Grace of GOD of the United Kingdom
of Great-Britain and Ireland King, Defender of the Faith, and so forth, before Edward
Walter one of the CORONERS of our said LORD the KING for the said County,
on View of the Body of James Jobson< no role > then and there lying dead,
upon the Oath of the several Persons whose Names are hereunder-written and Seals affixed,
good and lawful Men of the said County, duly chosen, and who being then and there duly sworn
and charged to inquire, for our said LORD the KING, when, how, and by what Means, the said
James Jobson< no role > came to his Death, do, upon
their Oath, say, That the said James Jobson< no role > on the fifteenth
day of May instant Accidentally Casually and by
Misfortune fell into the Bason belonging to the west India
Doch in the Isle of Dogs and was in the waters thereof Suffocated
and Drowned and then and there instantly Died

IN WITNESS whereof, as well the said CORONER asthe said
the Foreman of the said Jurors, and the Rest of his said Fellows, have, to this Inquisition set
their Hands and Seals, the Day, Year, and Place first above-written.

Edward Walter< no role > [mark] Coroner
Abram. Turby< no role > [mark] J John Gray< no role > [mark] Edward Rawling< no role > [mark] John Dyer< no role > [mark]
William Gaysoyn< no role > [mark] Wm Pattenden< no role > [mark] Geos Church [mark] John Wright< no role > [mark]
Wm. Shelton< no role > [mark] Wm Roope< no role > [mark] John Beal< no role > [mark] William his [mark] Mark Thompson< no role > [mark]

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