Middlesex Coroners:
Coroners' Inquests into Suspicious Deaths

1st September 1747 - 13th June 1803

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AN INQUISITION Indented Taken for our Sovereign Lord the King at [..]
[..] Aldgate the County of
Middlesex the Eighth Day of [..] in the Twenty [..] Reign of our
Sovereign Lord GEORGE the Third, by the Grace of God, Great-Britain, France, and
Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, and so forth, before Thomas Phillips< no role >
one of the Coroners of our said Lord the King for the said County, on View of the Body of
Henry Wix< no role > then and there lying dead, upon the Oath of
Samuel Knightly< no role > , George Dixon< no role > , Thomas Russell< no role > John Morgan< no role > Robert Bendall Daniel Wallam, Thomas
Wealthale, John Chambers< no role > , John Clarke< no role > , John King< no role > Shaw Ferquhagson< no role > and Jonathan Marriett< no role >
good and lawful Men of the said County, duly chosen, and who being then and there duly
sworn and charged to inquire, for our said Lord the King, when, how, and by what Means, the
said Henry Wix came to his
Death, Do, upon their Oath, say, That The said Henry Wise< no role > on the Fourth Day of
June in the Year aforesaid being in an open Boat on the Rivex Thames Year. The
Isle of Dogs in the Hamlet of Poplar and Blackwall in the Parish of Saint Dunstan
Stepney in the County aforesaid It so happened That the said Boat accidentally
casually and by Misfortune overset and Tunk into The said River and the said
Henry Wix< no role > was in the Waters thereof then and there suffocated and drowned of which
said Suffocation and Drowning he the said Henry Wix then and there died And as the
Jurors aforesaid upon their Oath aforesaid Do say That the said Henry Wix and
Manker and by the Means aforesaid accidentally casually and by Misfortune
came to his Death

IN WITNESS whereof, as well the said Coroner as the said Samuel Knightly< no role >
the Foreman of the said Jurors, on the Behalf of himself and the Rest of his said Fellows, in
their Presence, have, to this Inquisition, set their Hands and Seals, the Day and Year first
above written.

Thos. Phillips< no role > [mark] Coroner

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