City of London Coroners:
Coroners' Inquests into Suspicious Deaths

5th January 1792 - 31st December 1792

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Image 573 of 86113th November 1792

John Urmson< no role > Mate of the Brig Susannah whereof
Thomas Parker< no role > is Master of Liverpool in the County of
Lancaster now lying at Mr. Griffin's Wharf on the
Parish of Saint Olave within the Borough of Southwark
maketh Oath that Dept. being on board the said vessel
about ten O Clock last Night heard the Watchman belonging
the said Wharf cry out that a Man had fallen overboard
Dept. immediately went up and having procured a Boat
went into it and and went to the Place the Watchman described
that the person had fallen to that in a little after feeling
in the Water with a Boathook Dept. picked the deced up and
got him into the Boat that there was no appearance of Life in
the deced. Dept. made what haste he could to get the deced
on Shore and took him to the home of Mr. Davis the [..]
Brecers Arms the nighest house to the Wharfthat a
Gentleman came whom Dept. understood to be a Medical
Personthat means where med to restore the deced but
without affect.

John Urmson< no role >
John Murray< no role > a Lodger at the house of Mrs. Stedman< no role >
the end of Morgans Lane in the Parish aforesaid Widow
maketh Oath that Dept. has been a Watchman on Mr. Griffin< no role >
Wharf since the latter end of July last that Dept. was watching
on the said Wharf last Night that about twenty Minutes before
ten the Deced whom Dept. understood was Master of the Nieler
Sloop then lying [..] at the same Wharf came to the Gate
of the Wharf Dept. let the deced in that reappeared a little intoxi-
cated with Liquor that another Man was in Company with the
deced that after depont. had let them in at the gate Dept. lighten
the deced along a Plank leading from the Wharf to the Pollard a
Being then lying alongside said Wharf and from thence the
deced got into a Craft lying ahead of the Pollard in order together
his own Vessel that lay ahead of the Craft Dept. held the
light to the deced while he got into the Croft and saw the deced
get along the Croft to the side of the Violet and then Dep
asked him if he was safe the deced answered yes Dept.

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