City of London Coroners:
Coroners' Inquests into Suspicious Deaths

5th January 1792 - 31st December 1792

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Informations of Witnesses taken
at the Parish of Saint George within the
Borough of Southwark in the County
of Surrey on the 11th day of April 1792 on
view of the Body of John Brigland now
here lying dead.

Paul Planchard< no role > of Gravel Lane in the Parish of
Christ church in the County of Surrey Hatter maketh oath
that about eight OClock in the Morning of Monday last
Dept. in Company with his Son and two other persons passing along Kings Bench Walk in the Parish of Saint
George Southwark saw a Cart drawn by one Horse behind
themthat a Boy was in the Court and had the Wins in his
hand driving the Horse that he was driving very gently
alongthat some [..] Boys, who appeared to be Dust
Boys and the Cart and Horse-that the Boy in the Cart
endeavoured to strike one of the Dust Boys with his [..] they
having a Dept. apprehends meddled with his Horse
that one of the Dust Boys [..] had his [..] them up in
the Action of flinging of something at the Boy in the Cart that the Boy in the
Cart immediately gave his Horse a Twitch with the
reins to made him go faster to avoid what the Dust
Boy appeared to be throwing at him [..] in doing of
which he turned himself round to look at the Dust
Boy the having part him and at the same time Dept
saw the deced under the off Wheel of the Cart-that the
Wheel part over him-Dept. imediately ran and picked
the deced up-that he placed the Child on its Legs-that Dept
examined the deced that he did not appear to have reced
any external injury-that the Child walked a few yards
from Dept. and Dept. thinking he was not much hart
left him-Dept. has since understood the deced died
in about an hour and half afterwards Dept don't
think that at the time the Cart passed over the deced
the Boy driving the Cart saw the deced he being then
engaged looking round at the Dust Boy.

Sworn the 11th day of
April 1792 before me}

Paul [mark] Planchard< no role >

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