City of London Coroners:
Coroners' Inquests into Suspicious Deaths

5th January 1792 - 31st December 1792

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Informations of Witnesses
taken at the Parish of Saint Sepulchre
in the Ward of Farringdon without in
London aforesaid on the 10th day of April
1792 on view of the Body of John William< no role >
Pickett now here lying dead.

Alexander Sheriff< no role > of No. 3 Bull head Court Newgate
Street London< no role > shoemaker maketh oath that about one
O Clock in the afternoon of Sunday last Dept. being then
sitting in his lower Room head something fall from
the Top of his House and immediately afterwards
he saw the Mother of the deced running down stairs
and heard her cry out my child in Murdered
and immediately run down the Kitchen Stairs Dept.
immediately followed her - the Mother went into
the Area fronting the House Dept. followed he and
the Mother took the deced up out of the Area and
Dept. took the deced from her the Mother was greatts
alarmed and is now very big with Child - That
the blood ran very fast from the back of the deceds head
that a Young Woman< no role > servant to Mr. Bennett living in
the same Court coming into the house just at the time
Dept. gave the deced. to her. that a Surgeon was sent
for - that soon after the deced wartaken to Saint
Bartholomew Hospital and Dept. understands the
deced died in about an hour & half afterwards

Sworn the 10th day of
April 1792 before me}

Alexr. Sherriff

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