City of London Coroners:
Coroners' Inquests into Suspicious Deaths

5th January 1792 - 31st December 1792

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An Inquisition Indented taken for our Sovereign Lord the King at the Parish of Saint Sepulchre
with Ward of Farringdon without in London aforesaid on the tenth day of April in the thirty second
Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the third by the Grace of God of Great Britain
France and Ireland King Defender of the faith and so forth before Thomas Shelton< no role > Gentleman
Coroner of our said Lord the King for the City of London and Borough of Southwark on view of the
Body of John William< no role > Pickell now here lying dead by the Oath of Thomas Massey< no role >
Benjamin George< no role > , Thomas Merry< no role > , John Blackett< no role > , John Taylor< no role > , George Thompson< no role > , Stephen
Candell Senior< no role > , Thomas Blake< no role > , Richard Lewin< no role > , Thomas Ladd< no role > , Joseph Calvert< no role > , John Castle< no role > ,
William Catchpole< no role > , John Polingue< no role > , and Thomas Meers< no role > , good and lawful men of the
Parish and Ward aforesaid who being now here duly chosen sworn and charged to inquire
for our said Lord the King when how and in what manner the said John William< no role > Pickett came to his
death say upon their Oath that the said John William< no role > Pickett on the Eighth day of April in
the Year aforesaid being in a certain Room on the first Story of the dwelling House of one
Alexander Sheriff< no role > situate in Bullhead Court Newgate Street London and being near the
Window of the said Room accidentally and by Misfortune fell from and out of the said Window
into the Area of and belonging to the said House and to and against the Ground by means
whereof he the said John William< no role > Pickett did then and there receive one mortal Wound in and
upon the right side of the Head of him the said John William< no role > Pickett of which said mortal
Wound he the said John William< no role > Pickett did then and there die and so the Jurors aforesaid
upon their Oath aforesaid do say that the said John William< no role > Pickett in manner and by
the means aforesaid casually and by misfortune was accidentally killed In Witness
Whereof as well the said Coroner as the said Thomas Massey< no role > the foreman of the said Jurors
on behalf of himself and the rest of his fellows in their presence have to this Inquisition set their
hands and Seals the Day Year and place first above Written

Thos Massey [mark] Foreman

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