City of London Coroners:
Coroners' Inquests into Suspicious Deaths

9th July 1788 - 30th December 1788

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Image 288 of 46521st November 1788


Depositions of Witnesses taken at the
Parish of Saint John within [..] the Borough of
Southwark in the County of Surrey on the 21st: November 1788
on View of the Body of George Milner< no role >
then and there lying

John Mitchinson< no role > a Mariner belonging to the Amity
Merchant Ship laying off Horsley down new Stairs
whereof Richard Mallison< no role > is Master maketh Oath
and saith he hath known the deced between four and
five Months that he was a Mariner belonging to the
said Ship that about on part 12 OClock on Tuesday
last (the instt.)Deptall the people belonging to
the said Ship were called upon to unmoor her in order
to move the said Ship into another Tier that Dept:
and two other of the Mariners of the said Ship got into
a Boat belonging to the said Ship in order to go about
the said Business that Dept followed them like wise
that when the deced was going down the side of the
said Ship being about half way down and having
hold of at Before that was fixed to the side of the said
Ship he by some means or other let go his hold and
fell into the Water between the Ship and the said
Boat that he sunk [..] down under Water and Dept
never see him after until Wednesday Morning when
he saw the deced taken up dead by a Man who
was grappling near where the deced so fell
over board that Dept: and the deced were upon
very good terms

John Mitchinson< no role >

Sworn the 21st day of
November 1788 before me}

T Shelton Corr.

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