St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Bastardy Bonds - Securities for Maintenance

28th April 1775 - 13th October 1806

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Image 7 of 1415th September 1775

Know All Men by these Presents
That We William Brinks< no role > of Loughton
in the County of Essex Farmer and

are held and firmly bound unto Joseph Barber< no role > and
William Arch< no role > This name instance is in set 1505. , George Maynard< no role > Peter Pope< no role > , James
< no role > and Henry Church Wardens and Overseers
of the Poor of the Parish of Saint Dionis Backchurch
London in Sixty Pounds of good and lawful Money of
Great Britain to be paid to the said Church Wardens and
Overseers , or their certain Attorney or Successors for the
time being For which Payment well and truly by to be
made We bind ourselves, and each of us by himself for
the whole, one each, and every of our Heirs, Executors
and Administrators firmly by there Presents Sealed
with on Seals Dated thisday
of September the Fifteenth years of the Reign of
our Sovereign Lord George the Third by the Grace of
God of Great Britain, France and Ireland King
Defender of the Faith and forth and in the year
of our Lord One Thousand seven hundred and
Seventy five .

The Condition of this Obligation is such Whereas
Jane Ratcliffe< no role > This name instance is in set 4372. Singlewoman hath before one of his Majesty's
Justice of the Peace for the City of London and Liberties thereof
Sworn that she is with Child, which Child is likely to be
born a Bastard, and to become chargeable to the said Parish
of Saint Dionis Backchurch , and that the said William Binks< no role >
is the Father of the said Bastard Child. If therefore the
above bound William Binks< no role > and
or either of them their or either Heirs Executors or
Administrator do and shall from time to time and at all

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