St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Miscellaneous Parish and Bridewell Papers

31st August 1669 - 21st March 1781

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Currently Held: London Metropolitan Archives

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Image 12 of 4221st October 1780

[..] ij are Deremtris arme Rmd. Dro M [..]
[..] quint ad for dre Dned. Rned nram Major
[..] Gulhald lives London onto tonrid in
[..] and cud quod appretice infra nciat [..]
magnim had do and to mr Appendix no [..]
Ed adhus ventus to quod rusd Mayor domum of
[..] mtenaid infra Obtal avit ped adexterened artem
[..] quit at ad prees tom put [..]
that be [..] ion ton [..] cemd [..]
[..] jusd notitionis ye [..]
Rorerd raherd [..]

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