St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Miscellaneous Parish and Bridewell Papers

31st August 1669 - 21st March 1781

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Image 3 of 4214th March 1781

March the 14. 1781 Chigwell Essex< no role >
Agreement then made with Mrs. Owen the Kings had
& Ann Collop< no role > for Charlott for a hired Servant
for the Space of one Year to Serve her Duly
& truely for the Sume of two Pound 12 Shilling
to be paid at the Years End
Gentleman Shaw a Green to find her
2 Shifts 2 Aprons, two hanker Chifs two pair Stocking
two Pair of Shoes one pair of Patters
two Petty Coats one Gown

Charlott Dionis< no role > This name instance is in set 14441444. her Marke
Mrs: Owen her Marke [mark]

Ann Collop< no role >
Nathl: Collop< no role >

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