St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th May 1759 - 19th December 1800

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Image 138 of 45524th May 1770

Ascension Day

At a Meeting on Ascension day May 24th.
1770 .


Mr. Henry Gretton< no role >
Mr. Thomas Hudson< no role > }Church Wardens

The Revd. Mr. Miller (Curate) Mr. Deputy James Hebert< no role > ,
Mr. Peter Pope< no role > , Mr. Richard James< no role > This name instance is in set 2783. , Mr. Willm. Chesson.
Mr. John Chauntrell< no role > , and others

At this Meeting the following Charitable Legacies were
distributed, Viz.

Warham and< no role >
Deane's Gifts

Sir Robert Clarke< no role > 's2:--

Mr. Wareham's paid by the
Carpenter 's Company}..10:-

Mrs. Deane's paid by the
Ironmonger's Company}..3:4

Poor on the Roll.
Eliz: Docketty..2:-
Sarah Nason< no role > ..1:6
Alice Cannon< no role > ..2:-
Mary Nason..2:-
Ann Roberts< no role > ..2:6
Mary Ledbury< no role > ..2:-
Ann Watts< no role > ..2:-
Alice Hutcheson< no role > ..1:6
Dorothy Hornby< no role > ..3:-
Mary Parnell< no role > ..2:6

Late Ann Gunn's
Daughter .}..1:6

Grace Porter..3:-
Carrd. up 1:5:6

Casual Poor
Brot up 1:5:6
Rebecca Christy< no role > 2:-
Mary May< no role > 1:6
Margt. Cooke< no role > 1:6
Christopher Ebrall< no role > 2:-
Clement Lazell< no role > 2:6
Sarah Cawdell< no role > 1:6
Jane Dionis< no role > 1:6
Sarah Holford< no role > 1:6
Mary Southgate 1:6
Ann Woolnough1:6
Lydia Marshall< no role > 1:6
Wido. Elkes1:6
Ann Newman< no role > 1:6
Mary Walmsley< no role > 1:6
Esther Moore< no role > 1:6
Hannah Johnson< no role > 1:10
In. Mr. Gretton's hands1:6

St. Dionis Backchurch

At a Public Vestry held for this Parish on
Wednesday the Nineteenth day of September 1770.
in the Vestry Room of the said Parish pursuant to
Public notice given in the Church for that purpose
It is Agreed by the Parishioners and Inhabitants

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