St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th May 1759 - 19th December 1800

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Image 124 of 45526th December 1768

St. Stephens Day

At a Meeting on St. Stephen's Day December 26th. 1768 .

Present Mr. Thomas Kellam< no role > This name instance is in set 1515. Church Warden
Mr. Peter Pope< no role > , Mr. Henry Newton< no role > . Mr. Willm. Lem
Mr. James Green< no role > .

Percival and
Qyson's Gifts}

making in the whole
Four pounds 12s:4d

At this Meeting the yearly Gift of Forty shillings
given by Lady Osborne, and the Sum of Thirty shillings
the Yearly Interest of Thirty Pounds be queathed by the Will
of the late Dr. Edward Tyson< no role > , One shilling and four pence the
Yearly Gift of St. John Percival< no role > , also One Pound one shilling
collected in the Church on Christmas Day, was distributed
among the Poor of this Parish in manner following

On the Roll
Ann Roberts< no role > .. 2:6
Sarah Nason< no role > ..2:6
Eliz: Docketty.. 3:-
Sarah Parker< no role > This name instance is in set 1455. ..2:6
Alice Cannon< no role > .. 2:6
Sarah Steeton< no role > ..3:6
Mary Nason..4:-
Mary Ledbury< no role > ..3:..
Ann Watts< no role > ..3:6
Alice Hutcheson< no role > ..3:6
Dor: Hornby..5..
Mary Parnell< no role > ..5:-

late Ann Gunn< no role > 's
Daughter }..2:-

Rebecca Christy..2:6
Eliz: Cutler..2:6
Mary May< no role > ..2:6

Brot. up 2:10:-
Jane Dionis..2:-
Christr. Ebrall< no role > ..2:6
Clemt. Lazell..2:6
Margt. Cooke..2:-
Sarah Cawdell< no role > ..2:6
Mary Hawkins< no role > ..2:-
Mary Ransom< no role > ..2:-
Sarah Holford< no role > ..2:6
Mary Southgate ..2:-
Ann Woolnough..2:6
Margt. Stevens< no role > ..2:6
Lydia Marshall< no role > ..3:6
Wido . Elkes..3:-
Hannah Johnson< no role > ..2:6
Ann Newman< no role > ..2:6
Abraham Lacey< no role > ..4:-

In Mr. Kellam's

Thursday 1769

At a meeting on Maunday Thursday March
23d. 1769

Present Mr. Thomas Kellam< no role > This name instance is in set 1515. . Church Warden
Mr. Peter Pope< no role > .

Harvey and< no role >
Tindall's Gifts

At this Meeting the following Gifts were distributed Vizt.
Lady Harvey< no role > 's paid out of the Lands at Ware 6:-
Mr. Roger Tindall< no role > 's paid by the Armourers

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