St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th May 1759 - 19th December 1800

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Image 117 of 4557th April 1768

Engine keeper

Then Mr. John Cooper< no role > was put up and Chose Keeper of
the Fire Engines for the Year ensuing


Then Mr. James Green< no role > , Mr. Peter Pope< no role > , Mr. Henry
< no role > , and Mr. William Lem< no role > were severally put up
and nominated to be Overseers of the Poor for the Year


Ordered that Mr. Pope Mr. James, Mr. Newton,
Mr. Lem (late Overseers) Mr. Maynard. Mr. Chauntrell,
Mr. Haydon, Mr. Kippax, and Mr. Dunn, or any three
of them be appointed Auditors to audit the Account
of Mr. James Green< no role > Church Warden the same to be
audited in one Month.

Dinner on
Ascension Day}

Mr. Church Warden Green then acquainted the
Vestry that some Complaints had been made concerng.
the Expence the Parish has been at on Ascension days
And Mr. Newton observd that it would lessen that
Expence if no Cakes or Ribons were to be given to any
Persons whatever, except to the Children belonging to
this Parish, who go round the Parish Boundaries.
But this method not being approvd of, Mr. Maynard
proposed that such Gentlemen as the Church Warden
should invite to dine should be desired to subscribe
two Shillings and six pence or five shillings each
which was done in many other Parishes, and this
method he thought would be most eligible to reduce
the Expence, if approved of by the Vestry. He therefore
moved that an Order made May 4th. 1687 for
providing a Dinner on Ascension day be discharged.
But after some Consideration and Debate on the
Length of time which that Order had stood unrevock'd
the Motion was dropped without being Seconded.

Collier Row

Mr. Church Warden Green then reported from the
Committee appointed to treat and agree with John
Lord for a new Lease of the Parish House and Land
at Collier Row that they had come to an Agreemt.
and that the Lease was to be for Seven Years at the
former Rent of Ten Pounds a Year Tax free. And
the said Agreement was read.

Fire Engines

Then Mr. Church Warden Green observ'd
that a new Length of Hose was wanting to each
Engine, and Mr. John Cooper< no role > being heard to that

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