St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th May 1759 - 19th December 1800

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Image 102 of 45516th April 1767

After some debate It was moved that the Church Wardens
and Overseers of the Poor with Mr. John Chauntrell< no role > and Mr. James
Hebert or any two Gentlemen that have pass'd the Chair be a
Committee and be empowered to treat with Mr. Birch and give him
a Gratuity not exceeding the sum of Ten Guineas for the whole Year
to commence from the time the said notice was given without
prejudice to the Agreement for keeping the Parish Poor now
subsisting between him and this Parish And being Seconded
the Question was put and carried in the Affirmative. And the
same was Ordered Accordingly.

New Version
of Psalms

Mr. Church Warden Lem then observed that several
Inhabitants of this Parish were desirous to have the new Version
of the Psalms made use of in the Church Service instead of the Old
Version And Mr. Newton moved that the new Version of Psalms
be introduced if the Rector of this Parish should give Consent
thereto. It was Objected by Mr. Haydon< no role > that there were so few
Persons present that the Intentions of the Inhabitants could
not be sufficiently known: but the said Motion being Seconded
the Question was put and carried in the Affirmative.

Carpet for
Communion Table

Mr. Church Warden Lem took notice that a Carpet
had been laid down at the Communion Table and that the
Bills delivered in on that Account amounted to upwards of
Four Pounds, which he desired leave to pay, and the same was
Agreed to.

Exd. Nl: Andrews
Vestry Clerk

Thursday 1767}

At a Meeting on Maunday Thursday being the
16th. April. 1767 .


Mr william Lem< no role >
Mr. James Green< no role > }Church Wardens

Mr. Richard James< no role > This name instance is in set 2783. Mr. Henry Newton< no role > Mr. John Haydon< no role > .

Harvey and< no role >
Tindall's Gifts

At this Meeting the following Gifts were distributed
Lady Harvey< no role > 's paid out of the Lands at Ware 6:0:0

Mr. Roger Tindall< no role > 's paid by the Armourer's

Burial in

together with Fifty Shillings the Penalty for a Persons's having
been buried in Linen.

Out of the Gifts

To the Minister1:10:-

To the Church Wardens
5. Shillings each}-10:-

To the Clerk-6:8
To the Sexton-3:4
Carried over 2:10:-

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