St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th May 1759 - 19th December 1800

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Image 101 of 45521st December 1766

Casual Poor

Brot.over £2:3:4
Samuel Potter< no role > £0:2:0
Mary Read< no role > £0:2:0
Eliz: Saunders< no role > £0:2:0
Eliz:Truelove< no role > £0:1:0
Ann Woolnough£0:2:0
Esther Moore< no role > £0:2:0
Margt: Morgan< no role > £0:2:0
Jane Dionis< no role > £0:2:0
Carrd. up £2:18:4

Brot. Up £2:16s:4d
Christopher Ebrall< no role > £0:1s:0d
Willm. Stevens< no role > £0:1s:0d
Sarah Cawdell< no role > £0:2s:0d
Mary Hawkins< no role > £0:2s:6d
Clement Lazell< no role > £0:1s:0d
Mary Kansom< no role > £0:2s:0d
Eliz: Yaxley< no role > This name instance is in set 3228. £0:1s:6d
Richd: Smith< no role > £0:2s:6d

To the Poor in
the Workhouse }£0:12s:0d

At a Vestry held on Wednesday February 25th. 1767


Mr. William Lem< no role >
Mr. James Green< no role > }Church Wardens

Mr. George Maynard< no role > . Mr. John Haydon< no role > . Mr. Richd. James< no role >
Mr. Henry Newton< no role > Mr. Peter Pope< no role > Mr. Robt. Sherson< no role >
Mr. William Kippax< no role > . Mr. John Chauntrell< no role > Mr. John Froud< no role >
Mr. Thomas Hunter< no role > . Mr. Francis Leech< no role > Mr. J: W: Oswin< no role >
Mr. James Hebert< no role > , Mr. Henry Adams< no role > & Mr. Edwd. Tutet.

of Poor.

Mr. Church Warden Lem acquainted the Gentlemen
Present that the Occasion of this Meeting was to consider
of making a Provision for the Poor and on other Affairs.
That Mr. Birch the Master of the Parish Workhouse had
made a Complaint of the dearness of Provisions and
given him notice in writing dated the 30th. of January
last that he could not keep the Poor any longer at the new
Price or Rate that was allowed, and desired the Parish
to Provide for them elsewhere by the First day of May
next unless some further allowance should be made to
him in the same manner as other Parishes had done.

Ordered that the said notice be read and the same
was read Accordingly.

Mr. Church Warden Lem then produced a Certificate
from the Vestry Clerk of St. Peter le Poor London dated the
2d: January last that the Church Wardens and Overseers
of the Poor of that Parish had paid to the said Mr. Birch
the Sum of Ten Guineas over and above his Bill in
Consideration of the Dearness of Provisions and desired
the same might be read and the same was read accordingly

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